Fairfield Massage Therapy & Bodywork provides effective holistic healthcare.

Professional Remedial Therapies Melbourne - including Integrated Musculoskeletal Bodywork, specialized Muscular Corrective Therapy (MCT), Therapeutic Massage and Sports Massage - all aimed at getting the results our clients seek when dealing with physical issues ranging from general fatigue to chronic pain.

Our aim is to keep you active, improve and support your wellbeing.

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Paul Jenkin

Passionate about supporting people through physical pain and trauma, Paul treats the body as a whole, and you'll find that overcoming chronic pain and fatigue is a liberating experience.

Paul founded Fairfield Massage Therapy & Bodywork after having had the privilege of learning from and working with several master remedial massage and emotional bodywork practitioners, his sessions are a loving culmination of nearly two decades in holistic therapy practices throughout Australia.

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