Krystal holds a Diploma in Myotherapy and Diploma in Pregnancy Massage.

Coming from a Sports family (AFL, Lawn Bowls, Horse Related Sports) and playing Country footy and Netball in her youth Krystal also treats a variety of Sports professional from AFL, Bodybuilders, Soccer, Iron man competitors, Marathon runner, Cyclists and Australian World Champion Horse Vaulters.

Although not playing team sports anymore Krystal is a regular gym goer as well as loving pilates and yoga classes.

Specialising In:

Functional Cupping Release                             Family & Kids Yoga

Pregnancy & Infant treatments                        Family Health

Endometriosis                                                  Meditation & Mindfulness

Fibromyalgia                                                    Access Bars & Lymphatic Drainage

Reiki                                                                 Remedial/Sports Massage

Women’s health – Krystal treats pregnancy from the first trimester to the fourth trimester/ post pregnancy as well as Labour massage.

Krystal also runs workshops for Partner/ Birth partner Labour training and also infant massage to help Parents with bonding, reflux and general birth related concerns. These can also be one on one sessions as well.

Krystal has had great success with the treatment of Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia using Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Fascia massage.

Krystal also conducts workshops or one on one sessions in the following - Kids Yoga (12mths to 17yrs) - Meditation and mindfulness as well as the ones mentioned.

Favourite "Modality of the Moment" – Functional Release Cupping a new way of cupping that involves movement with the cups attached to treat conditions from Frozen Shoulder, Back pain, tight muscles and help in the recovery from sports injuries.

Favourite "Treatment of the Moment" – Headaches/Migraines using a variety of modalities to treat from the neck to the scalp in this 30 minute session to help relieve the symptoms and ease muscle tightness that can cause headaches and migraines.